Head Lamp

Completely unique, featuring and signed by Mike Wilton, front man of the massively popular local band going national places fast, The Standard Lamps.

If ever there was an individual future collector’s item in our portfolio thus far, it’s ‘Head Lamp’. Anyone interested in the papercut of Matt Bennie, the bands’ awesome drummer, will be disappointed however as this was sold on its first public display. (This was before the band had gone on to tour with The Who or become the regular backing back for Mark Morris of The Bluetones fame.)

‘Head Lamp’ was the first design where the focus was on people and therefore holds a special place in our paper cutting journey. It was an honour for us to have the Standard Lamps play at ‘Slice Of Life 2014’ exhibition private view and it’s an honour to celebrate them in our art.

This unique papercut, signed by the artists and lead singer and guitarist Mike Wilton, is back mounted on archival quality mountboard and framed in a black, solid wood custom-made box frame.

Dimensions: 310 mm (w) x 390 mm (h)


(We recognise that some lucky person might want to own the full set of Standard Lamps original papercuts so on this rare occasion, we would be willing to do one more original ‘Rhythm Lamp’ cut. Please contact us if you are interested.)