About Our Prints

Without getting into the debate surrounding the benefits and drawbacks of artistic prints, giclee or otherwise, we’ve always been very selective about (1) which individual works we offer as prints (2) the numbers of prints in each limited edition run, and (3) who we entrust our printing to.

For us as artists, especially given the particular time and skill intensive nature of our art form and the resulting unique pieces we create, we have always treasured the one-offs, the exclusives, being the only person to have something truly individual. While we own and enjoy a number of prints from other artists we admire, we absolutely treasure the originals we have been fortunate to acquire.

While appreciating not everyone can afford one of our originals, despite their relative affordability given the time and skill involved in each, we have been reluctant to offer anything other than a strictly limited number of prints to retain a high degree of exclusivity. This is why our limited edition prints and fine art giclee prints are strictly limited to a maximum run of 20. Each one is signed, numbered, and embossed which permanently authenticates them, and adds to their collectability.

Our standard limited edition prints are handled by a local printer we have known and trusted from the outset. For our giclee prints, we exclusively work with the Gallery Print Centre in Covent Garden, one of only two Fine Art Accredited Printers in London. All prints, unless stated otherwise, are supplied cellophane wrapped complete with backing board, ready for you to frame and hang however you like. If however you would like a framed print, please contact us to discuss your requirements.