Autumn Leaves v1

The beautiful colours of the changing leaves in autumn is a highlight of the year for many. But this time of year also brings a wonderful combination of autumnal skies, especially sunsets, full of vivid hues. Combine this with a gentle autumn that has left many of the trees resplendent with leaves and you have some stunning natural silhouettes.

Autumn Leaves v1 seeks to capture one such view we had the privilege of enjoying in early October. This time a delicate mat of tiny symmetrical leaves seemed woven against a sunset that was a gentle infusion of yellows and peaches into a fading blue sky criss-crossed with whispy clouds.

Signed by the artists, ‘Autumn Leaves v1’ is mounted on an original pastel work and comes in a black, solid wood box frame.
Dimensions: 320 mm (w) x 450 mm (h)