Our journey

Our artistic explorations began with the immediate world around us in our town of Tunbridge Wells which led to our inaugural exhibition, a ‘Slice of Life’ held at the prestigious Trinity Theatre. Having both lived here for many years we have found it to be a beguiling mix of hugely well-known locations and buildings as well as a host of less familiar elements which arguably have more meaning to some in the town. It also represents a series of tensions between different points of views which we have also sought to reflect and comment on in our art.

Following on from the very positive response to this exhibition, we decided to begin exploring the wider world of our interests, curiosities and passions as well as expanding the more traditional 2 colour approach of papercut art. To this end we are experimenting with colour and mixed media pieces and are excited by the wealth of ideas we already have.

2015 sees us build on the growing interest in our art where we will go from exhibiting at a venue which holds the title of the smallest gallery in Kent through to showing our work at the largest international show in the South of England, the SEEART fair.

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