Day 8 – Not a Christmas Tree

I am sure our dear little Luna kitty would be up the actual tree this was based on like a shot (if she was old enough to be allowed out).

The only papercut original in our ‘Slice Of Life 2014’ exhibition not to feature a building or person, ‘Uncommon Loveliness’ is in many ways unique. It features a real tree that caught our eye growing in one of Tunbridge Wells’ best loved parks, the wonderful Calverley Gardens.

This papercut has had a lot of interest with people, struck by how the three-dimensional nature of the tree changes depending on the angle it is viewed from. A bespoke version of the design was also commissioned and produced following the exhibition.

Signed by the artists, this original 1/1 black on white artwork is back mounted on archival quality mountboard and framed in in a black, custom-made solid wood box frame.

Dimensions: 380 mm (w) x 480 mm (h).

Original price £400

Christmas offer price £300 HERE (but only until Sunday 11th Dec)

Oh, and today’s collectible letter is “H” …

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