Day 22 – Christmas Lamps BOGOF

Let’s cut to the chase. We love the Standard Lamps, so much so that in our first collection of works, we did individual papercut originals based on photos taken by Chris. Smiley Matt Bennie sold on the first night of our first exhibition but we’ve still got Mike “Chicken Wings” Wilton (see HERE) and James “Can’t stop moving” Livett (see HERE) on our wall and it’s time they found a new home.

Oh, did we mention that Mike and James have also autographed their papercuts?

As it’s Christmas, we’ve decided that one lucky person gets to buy Mike and get James free. Or if they prefer, buy James and get Mike free.

We’ll let this go until New Year’s Eve so get your skates on and HERE !!!

Oh, and today’s collectible letter is “9”

To find out WHY you need these letters, click HERE