Day 2 – The Last One

One of our most popular designs to date is this beauty entitled “Bend not break”. What originally started out as a photograph of one of the iconic trees on Beachy Head evolved into a complex design containing a hidden inspirational message from Albert Camus (have you found it yet?).

So when we decided to put together our first collection of very ltd edition prints for an exhibition, it was a no brainer to include this design. As of yesterday, when the penultimate print sold, there now only exists one in all the world of these very affordable prints. It’s currently available at the wonderful Chalk Gallery in Lewes or you could snap it up online via our new shop (see HERE).

The original proved to be so complicated that we took the rare step of each cutting out a version as we fully expected to ruin at least one. Of us of little faith – after weeks of painstaking cutting, we ended up with 2 beautiful original papercut works of art. We kept one in its virgin paper state (the only original we’ve ever done that with) and finished the other in black on white. We’ve lost count of the number of times people have said they’d buy one or both if they could….

Well, as it’s Christmas, we’ve decided to try and help so we’ve created a special code – beachyhead10 – which can be used only once (and by only one person) which will take take 10% off the price when bought from our online shop. The code is valid up until Christmas day.

*** Please note that given the fragility and irreplaceable nature of these large originals, they will have to be collected in person. ***

Oh, and by the way, today’s collectible letter is ‘T’ 🙂

To find out WHY you need these letters, click HERE