Day 19 – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

We’ve all been there – slightly bleary eyes, objects appearing to waver and move when our brain is telling us they can’t really be doing so …

Enter our “Trust your heart” papercut original which will have your eyes playing tricks on you. It certainly had our eyes playing tricks on us when it came to cutting it our with our scalpels, so much so that we had to cover up the design as much as possible to ensure we were cutting in straight lines!!!

Signed by the artists, ‘Trust your heart’ is a genuine 1/1 papercut on archival matte paper, back mounted on archival quality mountboard and framed in in a black, custom-made solid wood box frame.

Framed dimensions: 625 mm (w) x 450 mm (h)

Originally £500, now an unbelievable 50% off when bought via our online store HERE

Oh, and today’s collectible letter is “B” …

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