Day 18 – The Light of Love

Today’s special offer is all about light – specifically the intensely beautiful light that floods through the myriad of stained glass windows in the achingly beautiful La Sagrade Familia.

We’ve long admired the stunning intricacy and beauty of Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and this led to an almost obsessive quest to see if you could capture such beauty in a papercut.

In many ways this was a journey into the unknown because we simply didn’t know whether we could capture such three dimensional splendour within the rigid confines of a two dimensional papercut. It was a painstaking journey that literally took days as we traced, erased, retraced different aspects of the design, all the time having to ensure a consistency of what would remain paper, and what would need to be cut. The canopy with its intricate branches and Latin inscription itself took many hours to finalise.

The next step was to summon up the courage to begin cutting what was the most complicated and intricate design to date. Little and often was the best approach as one slip here would mean disaster but a week or so later, after many scalpel blade changes, we had successfully completed the cut. It took a further 3 months of discussing different ideas and approaches to capturing the ethereal splendour of the light in the building before we settled on a collage of acrylic spray paints that represented the main colours involved. It was only when we brought the two pieces together that we knew we’d nailed it!

Signed by the artists, ‘Lover of the light’ is a genuine 1/1 comprising an original hand cut, papercut, mounted on an original, acrylic spray painting. The finished piece is back mounted on archival quality mountboard and framed in in a black, custom-made solid wood box frame.

Framed dimensions: 625 mm (w) x 450 mm (h)

Originally £750, this one-off, unrepeatable masterpiece is available for the bargain price of £375 (either from our online shop HERE or from the gallery), but only until Christmas day so hurry!

Oh, and today’s collectible letter is “M” ..

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