Day 1 – In The Beginning …

… was the Forum. This is where it all began … the very first papercut design based on our home town of Tunbridge Wells, featuring the iconic Tunbridge Wells Forum. We love the Forum for the huge amount of good it does for live music and the arts – so much so, that when we got married this year, we had our reception there. If you’ve not been before, you should really check out all the fabulous music they have on offer, right here in the town, and so blooming affordable (see HERE). We’ll probably see you down there :).

This was the beginning in so many ways – of exploring the intricacies as well as difficulties in creating a viable photorealistic design. It was also a huge learning curve in everything that’s involved in actually using a scalpel with the necessary sustained precision to actually cut the design out, entirely by hand. No wonder we were chuffed when we pulled it off although we had no idea what we had started, least of all that we’d develop an entire collection of work based around the theme of “A Slice of Life” which reflects the town from our personal perspective.

3 years later and 3 collections of work later, we’ve now our own gallery space (the only gallery in the South of England dedicated exclusively to hand-cut papercut art) where you’ll find many of the 60+ diverse but completely unique papercut originals on display. We’ve hosted our own exhibition, exhibited at a number of major art fairs, and are proud to have been chosen to be part of Pure Arts Group as well as the prestigious Chalk Gallery collective in Lewes.

Oh, we’ve also now got an online shop (see HERE) where all of our growing collection of works can be bought straight from the comfort of your digital device. If you want to do things old school, you’ll find and can buy a range of our work from our gallery, from the PopUp Gallery in the Pantiles, from Chalk Gallery and even from Fuggles, one of the best bars in Tunbridge Wells if not the world.

As for the original Forum design, the original is long gone, as are the very limited number of prints we did. All that remains is the solitary overspray relief pictured here and which can be bought HERE. We might (that’s might!) add the Forum design to our limited range of luxurious mini-artwork cards that we’re developing. Sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on social media to be the first to know.

And don’t forget to keep checking our Advent Calendar every day for special offers, free gifts as well as insights and information about our ever expanding universe of original, innovative papercut artwork.

Oh by the way, today’s letter to collect is ‘A’ …

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