Supranatural Silhouette

The old West Pier, left to rot after closing in 1975 and then ravaged by two fires is an iconic landmark in one of our favourite seaside towns in the UK. It provides a perfect natural silhouette against a big sky which, along with the sea, can showcase a range of colours that can appear supranatural.

‘Supranatural Silhouette’ is an original hand cut design that captures the twisted metal and ravaged beauty of the derelict West Pier.  The papercut is mounted on an original heavily stylised, urban themed background in acrylic spray which captures some of the vivid hues this special part of the world is capable of.

Signed by the artists, this one-off, mixed media original is back mounted on an original acrylic spray painting and framed in a black, solid wood custom-made box frame.

Framed dimensions: 625 mm (w) x 450 mm (h)