‘Kaleidoskull’ began life as another of the sugar skull (calavera) designs† in our 2016 Eclectix collection which then mutated into a true Pope & Lawn collaboration. Helen did the original skull design by hand which Chris then scanned into a digital image as Helen had wanted to toy with doing a design based on 3 or 4 copies of the skull.

However, when this was left to Chris to achieve, the 3 or 4 skulls turned into 8 because this formed a nice natural circle, reminiscent of the view when looking down an old fashioned kaleidoscope. Hence the name ‘Kaleidoskull’. As a reward (some might say punishment), the actual cutting by hand was left to Chris, the first skulls he’d ever worked on. Being smaller and more intricate that our other skull-based pieces, this proved to be quite a demanding task in terms of time and concentration.

However, we sure you’ll agree that the result, finished in blood red against a crisp white background, looks stunning.

Signed by the artists, ‘Kaleidoskull’ is mounted on black archival quality mountboard and comes in a black, solid wood custom-made box frame.
Dimensions: 450 mm (w) x 625 mm (h)


While being available as a standalone piece, it is also offered with its framed matching one-off overspray companion (see HERE) for the combined price of £850.

†If you would like a truly personalised, hand cut sugar skull design, please contact us for more information about how we can create a completely unique, one-off papercut original for you.