Hold your head up

One of the earliest designs in our current, evolving collection, ‘Walk Tall’ marks the beginning of our journey into exploring colour and mixed media.

The starting point for this piece was an original poem inspired by a photograph we took of someone walking along a jetty handrail on Brighton beach, silhouetted against the autumn sunset. We contemplated a design based on this (and may yet do one) but decided to experiment with typography to make the poem eye catching, visually distinctive but something you had to concentrate to read. This involved painstakingly resizing individual words to ensure that each letter was connected to at least one another in order to keep the physical integrity of the finished paper cut.

It was several months before we settled on the idea of an urban spray art, space theme for the background to help accentuate not just the visual impact of the papercut but also add to its meaning. We experimented with a number of different acrylic spray backgrounds before settling on this one which allowed the papercut to be perfectly positioned in relation to the planets.

Signed by the artists, ‘Walk Tall’ is a genuine 1/1 comprising original verse, original hand cut, papercut, mounted on an original urban art acrylic background. The finished piece is back mounted on archival quality mountboard and framed in in a black, custom-made solid wood box frame.

Framed dimensions: 450 mm (w) x 625 mm (h)