Daybreak Dipsacus

This design was inspired by trips to Beachy Head in East Sussex where the spectacular morning and evening skies provide a beautiful backdrop to the plant life that clings to the top of the cliffs.

‘Daybreak Dipsacus’ is one of a series of mixed media papercuts that are paired with original pastel paintings that highlight the architectural structure of teasels that grow abundantly there.

The intricate seed heads have been cut entirely by hand and then sprayed with black acrylic paint, emphasising the delicate spikiness of this highly recognisable and much loved plant.  Mounted on an original pastel painting of the sky at daybreak, this is an eye-catching and evocative design.

As with many of our designs, the mounting process allows elements of the design to move and curl, accentuating the delicateness and intricacy of this papercut.

Signed by the artists, this one-off, mixed media original is back mounted on an original pastel painting and framed in a black, solid wood, custom-made box frame.

Framed dimensions: 440 mm (w) x 540 mm (h)