Calavera Metallica

Inspired by Damian Hirst’s diamond encrusted platinum skull ‘For the Love of God’, our hand-cut sugar skull has been meticulously embellished with tiny dots of Pebeo Cerne Relief paint, giving it a fabulous textured finish. It is mounted on a metallic silver acrylic background giving it added sparkle which makes the intricately cut black skull really stand out.

Calavera is the Spanish for skull and is the term often applied to the decorative or edible skulls used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) or can refer to any artistic representation of skulls. We love the intricate designs that can be incorporated into these Calaveras, with the use of embellishment and colour. Calavera metallica is one of a series of sugar skulls in our 2016 Ecletix series of papercuts, which has already led to a number of personal commissions†.

As for this, this will remain a one-off collector’s piece. Signed by the artists, ‘Calavera Metallica’ is mounted on silver acrylic sprayed, white archival quality mountboard and comes in a black, solid wood custom-made box frame.

Dimensions: 450 mm (w) x 625 mm (h)


†If you would like a truly personalised, hand cut sugar skull design, please contact us HERE for more information.