As well as our art, music is one of our main shared passions in life. Earlier this year saw the passing of 2 music icons – Lemmy from Motorhead and David Bowie. We went to bed on holiday in Seville as the funeral of Lemmy was being broadcast and woke to the news about the tragic passing of David Bowie.

Countless people have reflected (quite correctly in our opinion) about how Bowie, being Bowie, planned his final album “Blackstar” with the full knowledge of his impending death. And, as such, the words to many of the songs from his final album have taken on a whole different meaning. None more so than Lazarus – especially if you’ve seen the haunting video which accompanies the song.

We wanted to celebrate the life of David Bowie, a man who merged music and art like few others, and what better way than to incorporate the poignant words of Lazarus with elements of artwork from Blackstar. At the centre of this one-off, hand-cut work is a papercut based on an original photograph of Bowie by internationally renowned photographer Pat Pope (no relation). A huge Bowie fan, he had the privilege of photographing Bowie on many occasions. You can find out more about Pat’s stunning photography HERE.

As well as one of the most complex and time consuming papercuts we’ve done to date, it also has a huge amount of emotional investment. We’ve had a lot of interest/requests for prints of this work and we’re currently in the process of arranging a limited edition run so watch this space. Or better still, sign up for our newsletter HERE and you’ll be the first to know when these are available.

As for this, this will remain a completely unique, one-off collector’s piece that will no doubt grace the wall of one lucky Bowie fan. Signed by the artists, ‘Blackstar’ is mounted on white archival quality mountboard and comes in a black, solid wood custom-made box frame.

Dimensions: 530 mm (w) x 440 mm (h)

Not for sale